Is your home costing too much money!

Does it seem like your constantly spending money on repairs?

Have you thought about selling??? Are you growing out of your home or need a larger yard, or garage?  Perhaps you love your home and location and really do not want to move.  Consider your options before continuing to support this old house.  Is your mortgage interest rate more then the current rate?  Interest rates are extremely low right now which makes it an awesome time to sell and get top dollar for your house if you get it listed during the peak selling time which is right now-March and April!! Homes are selling within a few days when they are priced right!! Think about it and lower your mortgage or perhaps move into that larger home you only dreamed about but now can be realistic!  You may be surprised!  If your on the fence call me for a free market analysis.  There is no obligation and it may help you make up your mind.  I am available by appointment and have shown houses in the same day when possible.  MAKE THE CALL NOW!!  Home values have been on the rise so make the call to find out your evaluation!

 Call/text at 920-397-0769 or email me(Kathy Knight) at:


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