Get out and Vote April 5th!

Don't forget to vote!  Tomorrow is your chance to vote and do something for your future!

Are you registered to vote?
If you think you are, it's still a good idea to check ahead of time here to confirm that you are registered at your current address.
Make sure you know where and what time your local voting booths are open.
If you are looking for more information on the candidates check out this site.

Your vote counts!!!

NEW RULES: Require proof of Address. An increase of last minute id issuers created a server outage at some DMV locations in Wisconsin thus having to be open in select locations on Saturday.
 See madison's news station at: Channel 27 News-extends-hours-to-help-voters for more information about the id problems.
HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO VOICE YOUR OPINION!! Don't forget to get out there tomorrow and vote!!
As always if you are looking to purchase a home or want more information on selling please contact:
Kathy Knight
Remax Realty Center
Cell/text: 920-397-0769


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