Outdoor Improvements for 2016 to give you top selling dollars!

Top Outdoor Design Elements

Did you know a fireplace or fire pit can add money into your pocket when selling your home?   Architects surveyed by the American Society of Landscape Architects narrowed down fireplaces and fire pits as the number one outdoor design element for 2016.
In the past few years fire pits have been popping up in the backyards of more and more homes! Years ago people looked for homes with fireplaces and still do but now the focus is on the outdoors as many homes now have an entertaining deck with fireplace or patio with a fire pit.  For years people who camp sit around the camp fire roasting marshmallows while enjoying being with friends and family. 
A fireplace or pit can bring ambiance and relaxation along with warmth and light to a long day of work.  Walk into any home product store and notice all the new design's advertised to order or sitting on the floor saying "take me home"! 
Just recently I read on facebook people who are not waiting for summer to have a fire in their firepit even though it was only 40 degrees!  I had neighbors experiencing enjoyment with their fire pit already this year in February! 
One tip when contemplating the size or dollar amount to devote to your project.  Do not over do it!  If you have a smaller lot with not much of a back yard then a fire pit would probably be best and you will recoup your money.  A fire pit like this would work: 

When you have a bit larger yard and it's not overwhelming to add more to your exterior then a larger fire pit would definitely increase the value. You can get more elaborate with a fire-pit and even build your own like the one on the left.  There are so many designs and styles so you can be creative as you wish.  

Perhaps you have a large home and want a large outdoor relaxing deck with a built in kitchen and fireplace. This may be the main reason your home will receive a showing request! Recently I had shown a house with a similar outdoor improvement and this was the main reason the customer wanted to see the house! Of course it's not going to sell the house itself but it may be the reason a customers request to see home and possibly bring in an offer!  More customers are looking for the home where they can relax!  One day you will be looking for your home and will this be a determining factor if you like the home?  If there is no exterior improvement, will you pass on the house for one that's less favorable but has the outdoor improvements with a fire-pit or fireplace that your looking for!

If your looking for a home with a fireplace or fire pit look no further:

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